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What is Digital Cash?

Crafted by gamers, for gamers, Digital Cash is more than just a payment platform - it's the ultimate sidekick for a smoother, safer, faster and more rewarding gaming experience.


Say goodbye to cumbersome transactions. Our platform integrates seamlessly into your gaming universe, ensuring that purchasing in-game currencies or rare items is as intuitive as the games themselves.


We understand the value of digital treasures. Digital Cash offers robust security measures, keeping your financial information safe and your transactions anonymous. Enjoy gaming without worrying about data breaches or fraud.


Missed opportunities are a gamer's nightmare. Digital Cash's rapid transaction capabilities mean you're always ready to seize the moment, whether it's snagging that limited-edition skin or topping up on 
in-game currency.


Tailor your Digital Cash wallet to reflect your gaming style. With a clear view of your virtual currency portfolio, managing your assets has never been easier - or more fun.


Get ready for a loyalty program that truly understands what gamers want. From exclusive in-game items to epic rewards, being part of the Digital Cash community will pay off in more 
ways than one.


From sponsoring esports tournaments to advocating for diversity and inclusion initiatives like Women In Gaming, Digital Cash is committed to enriching the gaming world for everyone.

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"Digital Cash helps me turn my spare cash into new League of Legends skins"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Cash is a gamer-designed e-wallet that lets you buy in-game items with speed, security, and simplicity in mind. It’s like your personal vault for in-game loot, offering a safe and rewarding way to enhance your gameplay.

– Security First:  No credit cards needed! Digital Cash prioritizes security, allowing anonymous purchases without exposing your financial information.

– Cash Power: Don’t have a bank account? Top up your Digital Cash wallet with cash at participating stores.  

–  Fast & Easy Transactions: Skip lengthy checkout processes and focus on the game with one-click purchases.

– Download the App: Find “Digital Cash” on app stores and download it for free.

Sign Up in a Snap: Create your account with just a few details.

Load Up Your Wallet:

  – Go Cash: Find a participating store and load your wallet with real cash.  

  – Go Digital: Purchase a Neosurf voucher online from our partners and add it to your wallet to top up.

– Shop Securely: Head to your favorite participating online game store and spend your Digital Cash on in-game items anonymously.

Absolutely! Digital Cash prioritizes security. You can make anonymous purchases in game without ever exposing your financial information.

Digital Cash by Neosurf uses Neosurf’s extensive network of retail partners. A full store list can be found here.

You can use your Digital Cash e-wallet for a wide range of online purchases such as online gaming stores, where you can purchase in-game currency, skins, and other digital content for your favorite games (e.g., League of Legends etc.).

Digital Cash offers several advantages:

– Security: Avoid sharing your credit card or bank account information directly with merchants. Digital Cash acts as a secure intermediary.

– Control: Easily track your spending and manage your budget within the Digital Cash platform.

– Flexibility: Use funds uploaded from various sources (e.g., Neosurf vouchers, bank transfers) for your online purchases.

Yes, check the Terms and Conditions for the most up-to-date fees.

Neosurf is committed to treating our customers fairly by maintaining a fair pricing policy for Neosurf vouchers. We strive to keep our fees as low as possible and even offer zero fees whenever we can. Our pricing policy is reviewed regularly, and we work hard to prevent resellers from charging unfair prices. If you feel that the pricing is unfair, we welcome your feedback via the “Contact Us” link.

We are committed to:

  • Providing clear information about our products and services
    We will make sure that the information we provide about Neosurf products is clear, concise, and easy to understand. This includes information about the fees that apply, the terms and conditions of use, and how to use the vouchers.

  • Treating customers fairly
    We will treat all our customers with respect and fairness. This means that we will not discriminate against any customer and that we will always act in their best interests.

  • Providing customer support
    We will provide our customers with the support they need to use our products. This includes providing customer service by email.